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About D2M - Product and Services

Door To Maldives offers luxury resorts and hotels to their clients (whether it is a client, group of clients, travel agencies). Through a tailor-made consultancy, our Travel Consultant provides each client with a customized holiday package responding to the client’s requirements.

Whether looking for relaxation, discovery, family holiday, honeymoon/anniversary holiday, corporate travel, lonely resourcing   travel etc…..We do have the solution to your needs.

Our Travel Consultants listen to your requirements and offer customized packages accordingly.

Moreover, we do provide any additional requirement such as private transport (boat, plane, car etc…), wedding ceremony, private     excursions and many more…..


Door TO Maldives  is your Travel Guide, your Holiday Planner, specialized in tailor-made travel especially for you , to help you identify the perfect holiday experience fit for you as an individual, as a couple, as a family, as a corporate and make the most of it.

We are here to provide additional information about the Maldives, the different resorts, the things to do in each resort when visiting these places. Our dedicated travel Consultants will help you get the most out of your visits.

We provide travel consultancy for private clients and travel partners. And we provide travel consultancy services through:

Travel Consultancy

Using our experienced knowledge to plan your perfect itinerary, our Team will design a tailor-made holiday based on your interests and budget, so you can explore your vacation at your own pace and select accommodation, activities, transport and many other features that will suit your needs.

Whatever you want from your holiday, we can use our experienced knowledge to plan your ideal itinerary. We do bookings for private clients but also travel agents.


Getting your trip ready will start from:

a) Inspiration and information

You will find complete summarized information on our brochures, and website. However, there’s nothing to match the direct experience of our Travel Consultants.



b) Contact a Travel Consultant (choose the one speaking your language)

Our Travel Consultants are all specialists travelling regularly to the regions you will be visiting: according to your requirements, they will offer invaluable advice and suggestions, a unique itinerary created by an extensive first-hand knowledge of the places and accommodation it contains.

Our TCs travel to all of the resorts, meaning they speak from personal experience: you will have contact with the same TC throughout the planning process. They can ensure you make the most of your time and budget during your trip.



c) Fully Tailor-Made itinerary and quotation

Your TC will carefully design your trip, creating a detailed and unique itinerary, complete with facts about the country, maps, accommodation, color photographs, price and so on….                                         

Each quotation includes: character accommodation, preferred type of transport, preferred meal plan, optional selection of activities/excursions and any other requirements you asked for during your consultancy.



d) Confirmation

After answering to all your questions and concerns regarding the offered itinerary, refining it until you are completely happy and confirms your booking, our TC will ask you to complete a booking form and pay your deposit, at which point we start to confirm all the arrangements (booking policy will be sent to you along with this form). Once the deposit or full payment made, our TC will send you right away the invoice. Within 48 hours, you will receive your booking confirmation letter (this letter is tracing the itinerary of your booking).



e) 24 hours assistance after booking

After your booking, you might have more questions. Our TCs will be more than even available to clear your concerns via email, phone call, website (just log-in into your account to check your booking, modify it or ask for additional information etc…), video skype…… In any case they will give you a call a few days before you are due to travel, to check everything is OK and go through your itinerary one last time. Approximately two weeks before departure, our Customer Service will get in touch with you and send you the Travel Itinerary, which will contain day-by-day details of your upcoming trip presented in a convenient personal plan.



VIP Assistance at Destination

Reaching your destination point, your Airport Representative will be waiting for you and take care of your transfer and any other matters. You will be able to contact our office from abroad on a special number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and, in the case of an emergency, your friends or family back home will be able to get a message to you. An additional booklet will be handle to you on-arrival with additional information regarding your chosen resort and so on…..




We organize private seminars/holidays/tours for special groups, charities or simply for a group of friends or like-                minded individuals wishing to travel together.

With year of experience in management, coordination, planning and close relation with travel suppliers we provide clients an unbeatable MICE execution experience. 

Contact us online for more details or at info@doortomaldives.com



DMC services

As a Destination Management Agent, we will act as an extension of your company in the Maldives. We offer the following logistic services in our covered destinations; Meet and Greet, Transfers / Transportation, Hotel Accommodation, Activities, Excursions…. We also assist with overcoming any language barriers.




We do handle all personal and corporate inquiries.

Spending too much time looking for the perfect vacation? Looking for a memorable trip but don’t have time to do search?                                           

Door To Maldives has the means to make both leisure and corporate traveling smooth and comfortable. We do help make flight, hotel, resort or car rental arrangements BUT we also do help in planning your time once you reach your destination. No need to worry about little matters once at your destination, let’s us handle it for you!            

Please contact us online for more details or at info@doortomaldives.com.


Keep in touch

Once back from your unique holiday, our customer service will get in touch with you in order to collect your feedback.                           

Even better, you can just go on our feedback session on the website and just share your experience with other potential or repeater clients.

We do believe in long-term relationship: before, during or after booking, our clients are important to us, putting a constant smile on our clients’ face is our mission. We will be keeping you informed on our special offers, special additional destinations, special promotion just for you and so on….. Even after booking, our VIP/Repeater clients will have access to their account via our website in order to plan another unique customized holiday journey.

Business Competitiveness

What makes the company better than any other travel agency in this market?
We are not just another travel agency in the industry, Door To Maldives is the key to the travel industry: 
we are “your Travel Expert”:

Integrated e-Travel Management and latest technology/tools to deliver best-in-class customer service and insure unequaled cost savings and innovative itineraries

Fast and efficient 

Best price and best value content

Quality control

Membership and client’s history 

We provide a valuable service while building relationships with each and every one of our clients; strive to provide personal service and knowledgeable expertise to our customers with superior management of their corporate travel, group travel and leisure travel.